Issa Asad SuccessContrary to what most people think, content marketing involves more than just creating content for sites that pay writers for articles. It involves using creativity to create something that is cool and using it to market a product. Creative content marketing can help your business stand out. It is about creating content that people want to read, something new and exciting. Try to focus on brand leadership and customer engagement when creating your content. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Be Creative

Everybody is now coming up with a blog. Most of these blogs address the same idea. You need to come up with a new way of presenting your content. Search several places to create content that will rank higher in search engines. Remember people will only read your content if you are ranked highly. You should be able to turn boring information into interesting and sensational narrative. Make sure your content is either addressing trending topics in the industry or unique ideas. Direct your content to your audience. Know what gets them psyched up, pains them and what keeps them up at night.

Add Visual Elements

People get bored with huge blocks of texts. However, adding a photo of your product can encourage the visitor to read on. Add an image after every paragraph to break the monotony of reading text. You can also add templates to your text. Templates make texts look attractive. You can have one template that gives a summary of the content in the blog. This will arouse curiosity and urge visitors to read the blog. You can use these visual elements more than once creating a social media campaign on Instagram or Pinterest. For more information on instagram marketing check out my book ‘Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram‘.

Use Videos

Video content is a powerful marketing tool. Add a video after the first paragraph or after a few explanations. The video can either show how the product is used or educate audience on the benefits of using the product. Customers who view product videos are more likely to buy the product than those who don’t.

Ask the Experts

You can interview an industry leader with set questions and then share their responses in your blog. People will be interested to read what the market leaders are saying. The experts you write about can also read your blog and recommend it to their followers. This will drive more people to your blog. This could translate to increased sales.

Use Lists

Lists are scannable and easy to read. Starting your article with headings such as top 5 tips, 6 great ideas or 3 things can make it stand out from the others. You can also add subtitles in your text. Subtopics break your text making it more readable. Use short sentences and include humor in your text.

Avoid Self-Serving Content

The main idea of creative content marketing is to popularize your product and engage the customer. However, your articles should not be one-sided. Try to name other companies doing commendable job in the market. Avoid talking negatively about products from those companies. Ask your audience to suggest what your next article should be about. Customers are much more likely to read content that addresses their needs and concerns. They will leave great reviews that will help in improving ranking of your blog or website.